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Why We Opened

The Piano Store is a family owned and operated store that is dedicated to helping customers find the perfect piano. The Piano Store was opened By Ben Nieves and his wife in 2012. Ben had been working in the piano sales industry for most of his life up until that point. Through his experiences in retail piano sales he realized that there was a major flaw in the piano buying and selling market and wanted to provide a better customer experience.

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Why The Piano Store Is Different

The realization that Ben had while working for other piano retailers was that retail piano sales had turned into an environment like a “used car lot”. New and used pianos were marked up beyond retail so that when customers negotiated prices they would only go down to where the pianos should have been priced originally. There was no real care for the customer, there was no educating the customer. It was all hard nosed selling. Ben has a passion for pianos and wanted to give a better experience to potential customers than was available.

High Quality Piano

A Better Product At A Better Price

The Piano Store was opened to be a lower overhead facility with lower piano prices. Ben searched for the types of new pianos he wanted to keep in his inventory. He came to the conclusion that Kawai were the way to go. Although the brands aren’t as well known as Yamaha, Steinway, or Mason Hamlin they are making huge strides in the industry and pushing some of the previously mentioned industry leaders to redesign and rethink the quality of product they are putting out. For the price Kawai pianos can’t be beat. Please look at our new inventory page to see a comprehensive comparison of industry leading pianos.

A Better Experience

A better piano buying and selling experience is what Ben created when opening The Piano Store. He created a one-stop-shop for piano sales, piano moving, piano lessons, piano tuning, piano appraisal, piano restoration and more… If you have questions about the piano buying process or need help finding the perfect piano contact The Piano Store and let them help you find THE piano for you.


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