Other Services

We Do More Than Sell Pianos

If you have need for a service related to new and used pianos please let us know. We don’t only sell new and used pianos we have a list of other services that we provide to help you with moving, selling, or piano restoration. Please see our full list of services.

  • Services We Offer

    • Used & Consignment Pianos: Do you have a piano you would like to to sell or consign to the Piano Store? Fill out this form and we will review your piano or pianos.
      Please Note: This form is the only method we will accept to consider a used or consignment piano.  You must provide the model, serial number, any other pertinent information and photos for us to review.
      for the form.
    • Technicians & Repair: If you have a piano that needs some care our technicians can help.
    • Piano Tuning: Does your piano have a key or two that doesn’t sound quite right? Let us know and we can help tune your piano!
    • Piano Moving: Sometimes pianos need to be moved and for the average person that can be a daunting task. We can help you move any upright piano, grand piano, or player piano.
    • Piano Donations: You may have a piano that you don’t want anymore, and it may not be worth your while to sell the piano. Why not donate it?! We work with the The Play it Forward Piano Charity to give instruments to those who are very deserving but can’t afford to buy their own instruments.
    • Piano Lessons: We have a network of piano teachers who provide lessons in our store. We also offer a great deal on lessons if you buy a piano from us.
    • Piano Restorations: As with piano teachers, we have a network of excellent piano restoration experts at our disposal. Our latest Showcase Piano, an 1897 Steinway Model B, which can be viewed on our used piano inventory page, was fully restored by one of our expert piano restorers.